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Empowering Women with Education:

Due to the new business concept I am listing my qualifications:

* Basic Painting
* Hanging Shelves in a closet or garage
* Caulking
* Weatherizing doors and window
* Patching holes in the walls/Drywall Repair
* Hanging Pictures
* Basic Electric
* Basic Plumbing
* Basic Tiling
* Laying laminate flooring
* Replacing / Installing Doors & Windows
* Roof Repair
* Installing Attic Fan
* Installing Roof Vents
* Wall paper - Remove or paint over
Nora's Best Tips

Let Nora guide you through some
basic home repairs, DIY projects,
and home maintenance.
Workshop Calendar

Register for any one of our classes and we
will teach you what you need to know to
properly care for, maintain and improve
your home. You will gain clarity and
understanding about what you can do
yourself and when it may be time to call in
a professional. Let us help you!
Projects You Can Do
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Nora Chavez
Tomboy Tool Const.
San Antonio, TX
(210) 854-1552